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Homeopathy is discovered by Dr. C. F. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 in Germany. He was famous allopathic doctor in (M.D.). He was in medical practice 1779- 1792. Hahnemann was dissatisfy with treatment because after sometime disease appear and there was no permanent cure.

In 1790 Hahnemann translating cullins malaria medica from English to german cinchona farlc malaria because of its bitterness & toxic effect of stomach. He was not satisfied with this statement. He ingested cinchona juice twice daily for few days and after some time similar symptoms like malaria fever the…

He experiment on other individual also. He found that in a healthy person the medicines produce symptoms very similar to what they cure in disease individuals. In 1796 after six years of his 1st experiment he published an article and then his new doctrine of similia simisimilitus curentus (Like Cure Like). In 1796 was the year of the birth of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is Greek derivation where homoeos mean similar and pathos means suffering. According to this choice of medicine must have the capability of producing most similar symptoms of disease to cured in healthy person. Basic principle of homeopathy we give a medicine similar single and minimum dose, so it gives no side effect.


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